5 quick tips for improving the efficiency of your refrigeration equipment 

Tip #1


  • Pay attention to load line markings on refrigeration equipment 

  • Do not cover fan guards or grills with stock. 

  • This will help with reducing run time and saving electricity. 

Tip #2


  • Ensure doors are always shut after busy periods 

  • Check door seals for rips and tears

  • This will help reduce stress on the motor and help hold food temperature for a longer period of time  

Tip #3


  • Always ensure the motor section is free of obstructions 

  • If equipment is located in an area with no ventilation, make it a 
    priority to incorporate some type of ventilation

  • Eg: Installing an extraction fan.

Tip #4

Smart Upgrades

  • Installing new technology with older systems can significantly improve the operation and efficiency without spending large amounts of money

  • This can include installing electronic controllers to replace old thermostats or installing flow controls to regulate efficient refrigerant use throughout the system 

Tip #5

The Right Advice

  • If you're unsure with anything listed here, our advice is free, do not hesitate to call or get in contact with us at any time